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Services We Offer

Sanima Capital offers Issue Management service to raise equity or debt via IPO, FPO, Rights Issue and Debenture/Bond Issue. We provide valuation service for the clients to determine the face value, issue size and issue type. Our experienced team will assist the client to determine the optimal capital structuring in line with the regulatory requirements and business objective.

Sanima Capital as an intermediary of Depository System (CDS and Clearing Ltd.) provides Depository Participant service to our valued clients. As a DP, we facilitate our clients to open Beneficiary Owner (BO) Account to deposit all their share certificates in paperless and hassle free format. To ease our clients, DP service is extended to Sanima Bank branches, wherein investors can open Demat Account and Dematerialize their shares. Additionally, to keep abreast with their investment, we provide Online Demat View Service to our clients.

Services we offer:

  • Opening a Demat account,

  • Dematerialization of securities,

  • Re-Materialization of securities,

  • Maintaining record of securities in electronic form,

  • Settlement trades by transferring/receiving the securities from/in BO accounts,

  • Settlement of off-market trades that is occurred between BOs outside NEPSE,

  • To provide electronic credit of securities allotted by issuers during IPOs,

  • To deposit the non financial corporate benefits (such as: bonus, right shares, etc.) issued by issuers in the Demat account of BOs,

  • To facilitate in pledging of dematerialized securities,

  • Any other as allowed by laws and regulations in regard to securities depository.

  • Online view of Demat Account

As an underwriter, Sanima Capital provides a payment guarantee to our corporate clients to sell a specific quantity of securities during public issue. Sanima Capital is committed to accept the securities in case of under subscription of the issuance regardless of the price it will eventually trade in the secondary market.

As a Registrar and Transfer Agent(RTA), Sanima Capital is committed to provide responsive services with highest-quality deliverable to our clients and their shareholders. Our goal is to bring industry-leading customer service, solid, efficient, flexible work processes together to provide superior shareholder accounting and servicing which enable you to foster a sound relationship with your shareholders.


Issue and cancel certificates to reflectchanges in ownership:

Issue and cancel stock certificates (including when a company pays a stock dividend or has a stock split)

Act as an intermediary for the company:

Be an intermediary for dividend or interest payments, keeps record of proxy materials, exchanges the company's stock or bonds during merger, and inform the company's financials and other reports.

Handle lost, destroyed, or stolen certificate:

Help shareholders and bondholders when a stock or bond certificate has been lost, destroyed, or stolen.

Sanima Capital Portfolio Management Services provides solutions for the investment needs of select clientele, through focused portfolios. It is our most comprehensive service, available to HNIs and Institutions exclusively through our Portfolio Managers. It brings the best of what Sanima Capital can offer together, drawing upon the wealth of experience from our investment managers and our highly qualified advisors.

Our aim is to create a portfolio that suits your requirements; therefore we will first seek to understand a client's needs and investment objectives, and on that basis offer a portfolio that best suits these needs and objectives which provides you the best investment outcome.

Why Sanima Capital

  1. Active PMS philosophy for proper risk management

  2. Diversification of portfolio for adequately spreading equity related risks.

  3. Active and regular review and portfolio rebalancing

  4. Experienced and Professional portfolio management team

  5. Additional investment option & Profit Withdrawal facility

Discretionary Portfolio Management Service

Non-Discretionary Portfolio ManagementServices

Advisory Services

Minimum Required Documents/Information to Commence PMS