Thursday, January 18, 2018


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As a Registrar and Transfer Agent(RTA), Sanima Capital is committed to provide responsive services with highest-quality deliverable to our clients and their shareholders. Our goal is to bring industry-leading customer service, solid, efficient, flexible work processes together to provide superior shareholder accounting and servicing which enable you to foster a sound relationship with your shareholders.


Issue and cancel certificates to reflectchanges in ownership:

Issue and cancel stock certificates (including when a company pays a stock dividend or has a stock split)

Act as an intermediary for the company:

Be an intermediary for dividend or interest payments, keeps record of proxy materials, exchanges the company's stock or bonds during merger, and inform the company's financials and other reports.

Handle lost, destroyed, or stolen certificate:

Help shareholders and bondholders when a stock or bond certificate has been lost, destroyed, or stolen.