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Sanima Capital Portfolio Management Services provides solutions for the investment needs of select clientele, through focused portfolios. It is our most comprehensive service, available to HNIs and Institutions exclusively through our Portfolio Managers. It brings the best of what Sanima Capital can offer together, drawing upon the wealth of experience from our investment managers and our highly qualified advisors.

Our aim is to create a portfolio that suits your requirements; therefore we will first seek to understand a client's needs and investment objectives, and on that basis offer a portfolio that best suits these needs and objectives which provides you the best investment outcome.

Why Sanima Capital

  1. Active PMS philosophy for proper risk management

  2. Diversification of portfolio for adequately spreading equity related risks.

  3. Active and regular review and portfolio rebalancing

  4. Experienced and Professional portfolio management team

  5. Additional investment option & Profit Withdrawal facility

Discretionary Portfolio Management Service

Non-Discretionary Portfolio ManagementServices

Advisory Services

Minimum Required Documents/Information to Commence PMS